Review: “…opened a door to a new part of my kinky life”

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Review: “…opened a door to a new part of my kinky life”



On a recent trip to San Francisco, I paid my second visit to Zoe Harlow. She is a beautiful petit mistress with a wonderful sense of humor, something that hits you from the moment you meet her. If you are looking to be sensually dominated by a gorgeous Mistress who is a bondage expert, you will have an amazing time with Zoe Harlow. Her web site at describes her range of interests, and I can attest that the pictures of her are completely and wonderfully accurate.


If you would like a more detailed account of our particular session, read on. She also has a blog on her site that describes some of her other sessions to give you a feel for her range of activities.


As background, during the middle of my first visit she asked me a few questions about my early experiences with kink, and I happened to mention a passing phase I had with the sensual feeling of pantyhose as a teenage boy. With a mischievous smile, she pulled out a corset, stockings and panties, and dressed me up. Laying bound on her table that day I realized that I had fetish for the sensual feel of women’s clothing. She had opened a door to a new part of my kinky life.


Fast forward our latest two-hour session, which started with her putting high heels on me to match my garter belt and stockings, and firmly tighting down my leather corset. After having me kneel on the carpeted floor of the well-appointed Victorian dungeon we were playing in, she proceeded to bind me with soft red rope. The process of being bound by Mistress Zoe was slow and sensuous. When she was done I was on my belly, upper body immobilized in a box-tie, legs bound from ankles to shins in rope, and secured to the wall by a chain.


Having me thus secured, she unhurriedly went to work on me. As she verbally taunted with a description of what had planned for me, she took time periodically to give my nipples some painful attention and my ass a few hard whacks. During all this time she sensually teased me with her hair and body, laying my head on her legs so that I could see her face as she talked. Knowing my fetish of the feel of silky materials, she rubbed her stockinged legs against mine while she laid on my back whispering in my ear. She was so close, but given my helpless position bound and chained to the wall, so impossible to reach despite my struggles.


After unbinding me slowly and with continued teases and taunts, she ordered me against an X-frame as she prepared the second part of our scene, placing a metal hook near my feet for me to contemplate as she did so.


Having me climb up on top of a bondage table and into a position on my hands and knees and placing leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, she bound each of them thoroughly to the table. Placing a steel gag in my mouth, she ratcheted it so that my mouth was held open. The sound of rubber gloves told me what was coming next.


By the time we were done I was mentally spent. She untied me slowly to let me come down, and to get the blood flowing again. I got a chance for a warm shower, and afterwards we debriefed a bit as I packed up my things. I left into the cool San Francisco afternoon, totally buzzed off of the morning’s activities.


Both of my sessions with Mistress Zoe Harlow have been wonderful and took me places that I hadn’t been before. Because of her perceptiveness, creativity, and experience, she opened doors to kink experiences that I hadn’t even thought of but that turned out amazing. If you’re around San Francisco and get a chance to session with her, go for it. You will be glad you did.



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