Review: “…it must be said that Zoe is masterful.”

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Review: “…it must be said that Zoe is masterful.”

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I had the great pleasure and privilege of sessioning with Mistress Zoe Harlow of San Francisco on a recent visit she made to NYC. It was my second time playing with Zoe, and like the first, it was a lengthy (4 hrs.) hotel session. Positive comments on Max Fisch were part of what prompted me to seek Zoe out initially, and I wanted to give back to the community by sharing my experience with you all:

Obviously, I am a fan. Zoe is petite and elegant, but wonderfully perverse. She does not expose her full face on her website (, but you can get a clear sense of her looks and I can assure you she is quite lovely. She is articulate and engaging. In a world where the brevity of twitter and selective reading are killing actual communication, she read my emails in their entirety and we shared a lengthy phone conversation about my interests and even the underlying psychology behind my desires prior to our first meeting. This gave her a good understanding of what worked for me, and happily, she played me like a Stradivarius.

Regular sex is funny. BDSM is even funnier. While I enjoy a strict Mistress as much as anyone, in my opinion, if we’re not laughing in session, whether it’s with me or at me, something is amiss. Playing with Zoe is a joyful experience. Don’t get me wrong, she is always in control. She will use pain as necessary, duct tape her well worn and fragrant shoe to your face, have you crawl about in bondage kissing the ground she walks on, slap your cheeks, crop your cock and balls and command that you face the wall while she considers her next move, but it’s always done with a sense of wondrous fun and delight with the predicament she has imposed on you.

Regarding bondage, while I don’t really even consider myself that much of an enthusiast, it must be said that Zoe is masterful. Her ties and positions are innovative and fun, She executes intricate maneuvers quickly and seemingly without effort, and like any good bodyworker, she maintains physical contact and keeps it all sooo sensual. Perfect for the teasing and scent play that I find so thrilling.

Finally, Zoe is a wonderful ringmistress. Both of my sessions with her included another mistress for all or part of our time together. Our first encounter featured The Lady Sabine Venatrice, and for our more recent meeting we were joined by Mistress Celeste di Nixy. I highly recommend both of these ladies and suggest that if you contact Zoe and she offers a double with one of her friends, the correct answer is, as is so often the case, “Yes, Mistress. Thank You Mistress.”