Review: “…depths of submission that I never felt were possible”

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Review: “…depths of submission that I never felt were possible”

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“This is a review of Zoe Harlow ( from San Francisco, expanding on my previous post from the thread on underrated Bay Areas Dommes.


I adore Zoe Harlow. She is something very very special. She creates awesome sessions and so much more. I know this because after decades of doing sessions with many wonderful San Francisco Mistresses, I’ve seen Zoe virtually exclusively for the last 6 years, 1-2 times a month (including many overnights).


Zoe has taken me to depths of submission that I never felt were possible, and feel so proud of. Her sensuality is intoxicating and so disarming. In her presence I am completely defenseless, long before feeling the snugness of her cuffs or tightness of her ropes; its overwhelming.

Paradoxically, she has a pleasant gentleness that makes the time with her so genuine. Knowing this gentleness is a comfort, and in an odd way compounds my sense of submission and devotion to her. She can be very sweet without ever relinquishing her power or control. She relishes her power while being very award of the responsibility of her position. Zoe has not only allowed me to discover new depths of our D/s dynamic, she continues to direct an endless exploration and discovery of myself and what it means to be devoted to her.

I’ve told her these things many times but never had the nerve to express them to an open forum like The Hang. She’s become discontented with my apprehension to express more that what have heretofore been modest (at best) reviews of her, so she finally said to me “go tell the world” what I tell her in private.

So here I am, professing openly how fulfilling it is to be kept by her. It’s something I highly recommend to those who truly want to explore their deepest desires and have those desires blossom. Zoe is not only expert at doing it, I know it to be very important to her, as well. She really wants to take you there. And she will.

A few technical things of note; she’s gorgeous! A truly beautiful woman is she; with a lovely figure, wonderful smile and unbelievable eyes that completely mesmerize!! She is highly skilled with rope and all types of bondage. And she absolutely loves what she does. As a result, sessions are filled with creative energy that brings out the deepest parts of one’s fantasy in new and imaginative ways. It’s magic! And I’m always amazed at how she can remember details of past conversations and implement them so skillfully into a session. Lastly, she’s so present with you in session that it’s as though you are in the center of her universe with no escape. It’s intimidating, exciting, painful and at times a little scary but always wonderful! There’s no one who does it like Zoe Harlow.”