My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 4

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 4


CAUTION: The following includes castration fantasy. Not for the faint of testicle!


This was a bit of a grand finale. We were expecting several guest mistresses, though of course my chaste one didn’t know it.

I blindfolded him and once again attached the gorgeous silver CB leash with blue onyx beads. It’s right that everything that is mine should be adorned beautifully, including my future-eunuch’s as-yet unclaimed testicles.

I put him on his knees, blindfolded him, and told him we would be joined shortly by three ladies, each of whom he had met previously. He would not be allowed to see them but would have to guess their identity.

He fared pretty poorly at this, but we were generous and removed the blindfold anyway with a little gentle chiding and the assurance that he would make it up to each of them shortly.

He now found himself kneeling before Ms. Chloe, Mistress Cielo Luna, and Mistress Holly Sloane (who no longer takes sessions but made a special exception for me). And, of course, my lovely self.

We liked him on his knees so we decided to keep him there—with a humbler. The traditional sort this time, made of smooth, polished wood. With his balls trapped behind him, it was no longer possible for him to stand upright (or even to lay flat on the ground) and he was humbled before us.

Next, I suggested a little game. I took out a stack of note cards. Each Mistress took a few cards and wrote down on each one a single SM activity. The cards were then folded and placed on a tray.

To begin, my chaste one would select at random a card from the tray and, without reading it, hand it to one of the Mistresses. She would then read the card and (often laughing out loud and commending the card’s writer on their suggestion) would perform that activity upon him.

After each round, the mistress would reward him by removing a single article of clothing from herself or (by volunteer) another Mistress. Then, the next lady would have her turn.

We had a wonderful variety of activities. Our guest Mistresses were so excited about this that they wrote far more note cards than we were able to perform.


The full list included:

Stiletto trampling

Nipple clamp tug-of-war

CBT with clothespins

2 minute flogging

10 cane strokes

Ball and chain attached to balls, crawl across the room

10 push-ups while wearing the humbler

Swing 5 lbs from scrotum for 30 seconds

Hump something

Ball tug-of-war

Balance tray without dropping cards during torture of Mistress’ choice


Wow! That was fun. Such a delight to collaborate with creative, like-minded ladies. We only made it through about half of the cards. Each card was rewarded, interspersed with a little teasing and much denial.

After my chaste one took all this so well, I invited the ladies to come lounge on the bondage bed and have a glass of wine. He was permitted to join us and to show his reverence.

I shared with the others how during our previous session I had allowed my chaste one to watch my lover and I together. This led to a titillating discussion of the tremendous pleasure of being with a real man. My chaste one stroked himself while listening quietly to our conversation.

Still lounging comfortably, I took out the elastrator. This is literally a device for castrating bulls and goats. It works by attaching an very tight rubber band around the scrotum, cutting off the blood supply. If left in place, the testicles would turn cold, die and fall off in about 3 days.




Chloe had never used an elastrator before, so Cielo banded him and showed her how. We then placed a band for each lady – four bands in total, all lined up (taking care to place a cord under the bands so that they could be pulled away from the body for ease of removal later. Though my chaste one often begs me to take his testicles, this was not to be the day that he would receive that honor!).

The four bands were very impactful – much more so than the single band that I had used on him previously. He was visibly transported. At one point, he looked deeply into my eyes and said softly, “They’re dying for you.” It was very powerful.

Still banded, I instructed him to thank each of the ladies in turn, which he did profusely, and to say goodbye. After they departed, I cut the bands. The blood flooded painfully back to his testicles – still alive and throbbing more than ever. I placed his head on my lap. We sat in silence for many minutes.