My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 3

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 3


Having once again placed my collar around his tender neck and leashed him, we began with scent worship. I instructed him to breath in my various scents and to let them fill him with reverence.

I then began a thorough trampling, starting with his cock. I made him kneel low to the ground and stuff it into the sole of my stiletto, then I placed my foot in the shoe, trapping him beneath my full weight. To his whimpers I replied affectionately that he should be very grateful that he gets to put his cock inside of anything at all, with which he fervently agreed.

I then laid him on the ground flat on his belly, instructing him to spread his legs and untuck his scrotum so that it was exposed and unguarded. Taking one at a time under my bare foot, I flattened his testicles against the hard ground. Continuing in this fashion and cycling through various positions, I crushed his cock and balls against several unyielding surfaces.

We were expecting another guest, so I prepared him. He is always happy to gift me toys, and I had selected a gorgeous CB leash made of silver and blue onyx. Perfect for an ornately decorated and otherwise naked court eunuch.

Mistress Morgana Maye would be our guest for the afternoon. With the thin silver chain leash looped delicately around my wrist, I led him to meet her. He held in his hands a tray of fresh fruit and chocolates, which he would soon hold on his back, serving on hands and knees as our table. We chatted and discussed his ongoing training while enjoying the refreshments. She had much to say on the training of a chaste slave.

There was a specific reason why I had invited Morgana to join that day. I wanted to suspend my chaste one helplessly in mid air, then swing him around with a rope attached to his unprotected testicles. Morgana was the natural choice, being highly skilled and experienced with rope (an art form for which she and I share a common love). Adding layer after layer, she suspended him face down, horizontal, five feet from the ground.

Unfortunately, this was too much for his back. Morgana took him down and, wanting to make sure that he had the opportunity to fulfill my desire for him, she proposed the gentler but equally suspended position of the sit sling.

Having secured him therein, she took her leave. His testicles were still quite nicely exposed, perfect for dangling weights. I lifted him up to a convenient height, gathered his testicles in a parachute, then went quickly to work attaching several weights. Into the mix I included some extra-large padlocks – I always appreciate the symbolism of a padlock, even when it is used for another purpose. By the time I was finished, he was holding quite a few for me and, as always, begging for more.



After I was satisfied, I removed the weights, lowered him, untied him, and allowed him to express his reverence for a time before returning him to his chastity cage and sending him off.