My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 2

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 2

CAUTION: The following includes references to castration fantasy. My chaste one really wants to give me his testicles…


I stripped him down and removed the chastity cage. After only a moment’s liberation, I put him in a leather harness which featured a multitude of little hugging straps that held his cock straight up against his belly while pulling his balls downward. This made the underside of his shaft conveniently available for casual slaps.


As such, I felt he was ready to be introduced to our next guest, Ms. Chloe.


She and I sat on the throne together, pressed tightly side-by-side with arms around each other’s waist while he kneeled before us. I shared with Chloe the duration of his chastity (nearly a year at the time). He beamed proudly.


We moved to the suspension bar, to which we attached his wrists. We added a spreader bar between his legs to hold them open.


Next, I brought out a length of thin copper wire—the kind you might use for various crafts (such as decorating your future-eunuch’s empty scrotal skin…). I took his scrotum in my hand and pressed the soft, round testicles up toward his body. Trapping them there, all that remained was a loose skin flap.


We took a moment to appreciate this look, then Chloe held the displaced testicles in position while I began wrapping, top to bottom, making a smooth, dense spiral of wire that formed a tight cage around the deflated sac.


Apparently, it was quite pinchy going on as he informed me wincingly. However, once I had finished and his testicles were locked out of his scrotum with the loose skin snuggly encased in the spiraling wire, it felt (as he informed me) perfect. Just right. I let him bask in the sensation for a time.


Next, Chloe informed me that one of her own submissive’s had gifted her a new humbler, which she was quite eager to try out.


Unlike most humblers, it consisted, basically, of a metal U-shape which tapered toward the end (to catch the balls) plus a chain on each side of the other end which is then attached to ankle cuffs, effectively removing the ability to stand up or otherwise straighten the knees.


Keeping his arms attached the bar above him, we removed the spreader bar between his ankles, lowered him down to his knees, and slid his balls into the humbler.


Of course, at that point I couldn’t resist lifting the suspension bar. I instructed him to hold the bar firmly with both hands, then hoisted it up until he was on his tippy-toes. It was a great way to test the efficacy of Chloe’s new device (which we both agreed was quite satisfactory).


He could only hold this for a minute, so I lowered him, released his arms, and made him crawl, still restrained by the chain humbler.


Next, we tied him standing against the St. Anthony’s cross with his arms fastened to his sides. Continuing the theme of decorating my future-eunuch, I took out 12 clip-on disco ball earrings (so, 24 clips all together) that I had brought just for the purpose. We hung them from his scrotal skin like exaggerated testicles mocking the real, anatomical balls from which they hung.


It was actually quite beautiful to see them all swelling up into a great dangling mass and hanging low between his legs as glorified, twinkling, multi-color replacements for the testicles that he wants so much for me to take.


We had a grand time smacking them around, jiggling them and making him wiggle his hips so they would shake. Little by little, we would strike them so that a few would fall away. Of course, this was a bit painful and he would yelp at each strike. This went on until they had all fallen. We spoke to him softly while acknowledging the suffering he had taken for us so willingly.


We then returned to the throne and my chaste one was permitted to express his gratitude and to worship our hands, arms, and legs with chaste kisses. He would have stayed there at our feet all evening if we had allowed it.