My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 1

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 1



In February, I had with my chaste one another incredible series of sessions which merit a thorough entry into this chronicle of my adventures.


As usual, we played over several days with an abundance of guest Mistresses.





I began by putting him on his knees and placing a collar around his neck. He immediately succumbed to me and it was very obvious that he was completely under my control.


Having leashed him, I then captured his scrotum in a studded ball parachute—the kind with dull spikes all around that hug in against the tender flesh the more that you pull against it.


I attached the parachute to the wall behind him with a stretchy rubber theraband. Naturally, I then beckoned him to reach for me. Holding the leash in my hand, I enticed him to move toward me, dividing him between the desire to be close to me and the limited range of motion that I had permitted him.


It was beautiful to watch him struggle for me. He would reach and reach, arriving so close, and sometimes I would even allow a little contact, brushing the soft skin of my thighs against his face, only to pull away finally.


I would instruct him to fall back from time to time in order to reset the experience, to compel him to start from the wall and reach for me all over again. This was very gratifying as he would crawl backwards on his hands and knees until the tension released, and then would simply crumple, flooded with the renewed sensation. I’d wait a moment for it to pass, then I’d beckon him forward once more.


Shortly, I was expecting our first visitor, so I removed the parachute to prepare him for what was to come.


Whenever we play, my chaste one purchases several new toys for me, which I select in advance without his knowledge, such that he has no idea what implements that he has gifted to me until I am using them on him.


This time, I was thrilled to have this terrifying beauty.








This is a unique sort of pseudo-chastity device. Essentially, it is a urethral sound that you can lock in place (!!!). First, the metal ring is positioned around the penis and scrotum. Next, the sound is inserted into the urethra at any depth that I happen to prefer. Lastly, it is locked at that depth with a small screw.


Needless to say, I inserted the sound to its fullest depth. It is only a few inches long—far less than my chaste one has taken for me in the past—but just the same, I liked watching it slip all the way inside his trapped cock and ratcheting down the screw to lock it in position.


At this point, he was no longer able to remove the sound, nor to urinate, nor to ejaculate (heaven forbid). Even a full erection would have been difficult, given the relatively short length of the device. It was a lovely way of manifesting in form the sexless, permanent chastity that he has undertaken in my honor.


I found that the ring at the tip made a convenient tie point for a leash, which I used to (very gently) lead him along. It was in this fashion that I presented him to our first guest: my male lover.


My chaste one understands that, as an exceptionally beautiful woman, I deserve to take as many lovers as I may choose. He understands, furthermore, that there is divinity in the sex act which is glorious to behold. And lastly, he of course understands that it is not his place, nor is it in his power, to pleasure a woman in this virile, masculine fashion. Rather, it is his place to watch in awe while I am pleasured properly, and to serve any needs that I may have while I am being pleasured.


So, I placed a gag in his mouth and made him watch while I took my lover inside me, over and over. You wouldn’t exactly call it “cuckolding,” as that implies that my chaste one would ever presume that he could be with a woman the way my lover was with me. He knows better than that.


After my lover and I had exhausted ourselves (and after I had removed the locking urethral sound) I sweetly instructed my chaste one to gather his testicles in one hand and punch them repeatedly with the other. The pain helps him bear the frustration, and I just love the way he whimpers when he does this for me.


My lover departed and I placed my chaste one tenderly into my chastity device, which he would wear for me for the next 24 hours, while I wore the key around my neck.


Keys around my neck