Leather Suspension Cage

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Leather Suspension Cage

Today I made great use of the leather suspension cage located at one of my East Bay play spaces. The lovely thing about this cage is that when I hoist it up into the air, the leather bands tighten firmly around the body, creating a wonderful feeling of constriction and helplessness.


Leather Suspension Cage
Something that several of my bottoms have noted is that restraint not only feels good, but has the added benefit of completely eliminating the effect of the size difference between us. I am a petite and slender woman, so all of my submissives are larger than me – and some are quite a bit larger!

But none of that matters once I have them tied.

When he was securely held in the suspension cage, I could swing him gently side to side and spin him around with great ease. I had complete control over his body, effortlessly. It was like dancing, with him floating in the air and following my lead.

I particularly enjoyed firmly tying his scrotum with rope, then using that to pull and swing him. I could do this while simply holding my end of the rope in my thumb and forefinger.

How nice to hold such power so easily. All it takes is a little bit of leather or rope to give me this power over you.