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It’s time for you to surrender.

  Dear submissive,   I know you’re there. Perhaps you’ve been admiring me from afar for a long time. Perhaps you’ve only recently discovered me. Either way, I want you to present yourself to me in surrender and in offering. Waste no further time in wondering. Come and give yourself[…]

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Review: “…it must be said that Zoe is masterful.”

Posted on Maxfisch   I had the great pleasure and privilege of sessioning with Mistress Zoe Harlow of San Francisco on a recent visit she made to NYC. It was my second time playing with Zoe, and like the first, it was a lengthy (4 hrs.) hotel session. Positive comments[…]

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Updates to my Interests Page

I’ve just made significant updates to my interests page. Though my core interests remain essentially the same, I articulate them rather differently now than I did at last edit, which was 2 or more years ago. I trust that you will enjoy growing better acquainted with me and my desires.

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 4

  CAUTION: The following includes castration fantasy. Not for the faint of testicle!   This was a bit of a grand finale. We were expecting several guest mistresses, though of course my chaste one didn’t know it. I blindfolded him and once again attached the gorgeous silver CB leash with[…]

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 3

  Having once again placed my collar around his tender neck and leashed him, we began with scent worship. I instructed him to breath in my various scents and to let them fill him with reverence. I then began a thorough trampling, starting with his cock. I made him kneel[…]

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 2

CAUTION: The following includes references to castration fantasy. My chaste one really wants to give me his testicles…   I stripped him down and removed the chastity cage. After only a moment’s liberation, I put him in a leather harness which featured a multitude of little hugging straps that held[…]

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My Chaste One Comes to Town, Day 1

    In February, I had with my chaste one another incredible series of sessions which merit a thorough entry into this chronicle of my adventures.   As usual, we played over several days with an abundance of guest Mistresses.     DAY 1   I began by putting him[…]

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