An epic session of chastity and ball-busting

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An epic session of chastity and ball-busting



Well, San Francisco! It’s good to be home.


Now that I’ve returned from my travels, I hope to keep up a semi-regular blog of my adventures. Here is the first.



Shortly after my return, I had a truly epic session with my long-term chaste slave. For many years now, we have seen each other a few times a year when he visits my city. It’s not often that we get to play, but when we do, all hell breaks loose! We always meet for several long sessions over multiple days. He is generous in gifting new toys and offering himself as the test subject, and in letting me choose several of my lovely lady friends to join us for hours at a time.


During this visit, we played for 9 hours over the course of 3 days.



DISCLAIMER: This fellow enjoys the fantasy, and to some extent the reality, of the destruction of his balls. The following includes a good deal of ball-busting and some castration fantasy. Not for the faint of testicle.





On the first day, we had a little time to ourselves to reconnect. I showed him one of the toys I had picked out: a locking stainless steel ball weight.


Locking Ball Weight, closed

Locking Ball Weight, opened


I love that this device, unlike your average ball weight or CB restraint, locks in place and cannot be removed without the proper tool. It is suitable for us as I always keep him locked in my chastity device when he comes to my city. I enjoyed having a new device to lock him into, and such a multi-functional one, at that!


It was fun to make him flop his junk around and thrust his hips with the scrotum so nicely weighed down. He wore it while we watched a video on self-testicle torture. I encouraged him to practice a few moves, preparing to put on a show for my ladies on the following day. Later, he sat at my feet and begged me to hurt him. I removed the locking ball weight and obliged with a few good kicks to the sac, for which he was appropriately grateful.


Then, I placed him in my chastity device, locked him in, wore the key around my neck, and we parted for the evening.





Enter Mistress Edie. The three of us had played before in Los Angeles, much to the pleasure of all. She has an intuitive understanding of chastity play. From our first meeting, my chaste slave has been grateful for the way that she not only understands his need to be chaste for me – she expects it. It’s simply a matter of course. She joined for the entirety of our session time to follow.


More ladies would be arriving shortly, so I unlocked and removed the chastity cage and we put him on his knees to greet the ladies. Mistress Edie offered the clever suggestion that he should also move several paces back and face away, so that he could not see them at first and would then have to crawl over to us from across the room. Once they entered and we allowed him to turn and to see us all standing in a row, he practically collapsed on the floor and could hardly raise his head to look again, let alone crawl. He was overwhelmed by the sight of us.


In addition to myself and Mistress Edie, there was Mistress Cielo Luna, as well as a vanilla friend of mine – a model – who had never participated in BDSM before. We’ll call her Mistress Rihanna, and she took to it like a fish in water.


We were all fully clothed while he was naked on the floor. He crawled to us and greeted the new arrivals with a kiss on each foot. We ladies sat down on the couch, the four of us forming a tight row. He immediately began to hump the ground, which was most entertaining.


Then came time for the self-testicle torture. I instructed him to straddle a padded bench and trap his testicles underneath the palms of his hands, and then press down, smooshing them under his palms. With a little encouragement, he was able to press hard enough to lift his feet off the ground! From there, we proceeded merrily into the land of testicle torture and ball busting. We had him on hands and kneels, crawling and dragging weights across the room by his tightly-bound scrotum. I gave Mistress Rihanna a 101 on ball kicking, and he had the privilege of being the first to receive her foot on his sac. Then, we tied his wrists, ankles, and sac all to a spreader bar behind him while he knelt in a helpless, bowed-back position and we encircled him and teased him.


This particular chaste slave also enjoys the fantasy of castration. For him, castration represents an ultimate form of submission to me. He does not beg me to spare him from castration: he begs me to do it, finally, once and for all.


During a previous session with Mistress Lucinda Archer, he glimpsed an Elastrator, which is a device commonly used to castrate male goats, sheep, and sometimes cattle. The device stretches open a super-tight rubber band, then you slide the scrotum through, and close the band over it. The band is so tight that it cuts off blood flow and within a few days, the sac simply dies and falls off. (*Safety warning – with this and all kinds of BDSM play, if you want to try this at home, do your homework to learn how to do it safely.)


While the ladies watched and assisted, I banded him and kept it on him for 30 minutes. I was disappointed that the band was not so tight as expected – I have often tied him much tighter simply using my rope – and we concluded that this particular elastrator set must have been designed for bulls, and that in the future I must get a smaller model, designed for sheep or goats, to use on his tiny sac.


Still wearing the band, he laid down and drank each of our nectar in turn. A quick shower, then Cielo and Rihanna departed. Edie and I removed the band.


Now the real fun began! When we play (and for weeks beforehand) he is chaste and is not permitted to ejaculate without permission (which is rarely granted). In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, he is wildly aroused by watching real men ejaculate in pornographic videos. We watched a compilation of cumshots and blowjobs, during which, of course, he identified with the female, the giver of the blow job, instead of the real man who was squirting his cum on her tits.


Meanwhile, I had a surprise up my sleeve. Using a recipe I had found online, I had cooked up 8 CUPS of fake semen that was designed to not only look and feel like the real thing, but also to smell and taste as realistic as possible. And – why stop there? – I had designed a squirting pump-and-tube system that effectively became a semen super soaker. It shoots 5 feet across the room.


You know what happens next. It was necessary to put him in the bathtub for containment. He sucked my strap-on and I gave him a few good mouthfuls. Then, Edie and I proceeded to spatter cum all over him, while the cumshot compilation played in the background. He was doused in it, dripping with it, rubbing “real man’s cum” all over his cock and loving it. He was practically frothing at the mouth, rabidly humping the side of the bathtub. It was an epic crescendo to a wild evening.


Of course, I didn’t permit him to ejaculate himself. Oh no. I returned him to his device and sent him on his way.





Just the three of us. We laid him on the bondage table and Mistress Edie strapped him down with a diamond-pattern rope web. Once again, I wrapped his sac in tight bondage, then tied it to the suspension rig mounted to the ceiling directly above. One click at a time, I ratcheted up the pulley system until the rope connected to his scrotum was taught like a violin string and his paired nuts were lifted up while the rest of him was held firmly down by the rope web.


Edie had a sudden mean streak and began poking and pinching at the defenseless testicles, saying: “What are they even doing here? They don’t belong here!” This continued while we discussed the many ways that we could destroy them.


Eventually, I noticed he was pulling away from the pain. Not physically pulling away – he didn’t have much wiggle room, and anyway, the more he pulled, the less it would have helped! Rather, he was pulling away energetically: clenching his eyes, gritting his teeth, and holding his breath.


So I sat on his chest and gently told him to open his eyes and look at me. Then, holding him with my eyes, using slow, steady breathing I guided him back into the present and into his body. I continued to give him pain, but he was now able to receive it without struggling against it. We ratcheted the pulley tighter and attached clamps to his nipples. He didn’t want to stop, but I (regrettably) had to insist as his testicles were now a deep shade of purple.


We moved him to a sling, and then hooked up several electrical attachments. With a variety of attachments, we fried his genitals while leaning over him to reach one another and kiss. His moans were delightful. A higher-pitched squeal came every now and then as I increased the intensity.


He begged for a repeat of the tight ball bondage and stretching, which I obliged. Having thoroughly wrapped them, I slowly pulled until I was able to move the entire sling (and him with it) a foot toward me and to hold him there. Again, he was able to take the pain beautifully by breathing deeply and coming to the present. Again, he didn’t want to stop! But, again, eventually I had to insist.


We took plenty of time for aftercare to gently bring him back to earth. He was very grateful, and we were positively elated. I was high for days.