Celebrating 10 years of FemDomme

Updated April 2018


When I moved to the Bay Area in the summer of 2007, I quickly found my way into the thriving local BDSM scene. As you may have experienced, it was thrilling to discover others who shared my interests.


Within 2 months, I was attending play parties and pursuing kinky relationships. Shortly after, I became a Pro-Domme at The Gates. I developed fond friendships with many of my fellow “alumnae,” including Dominae Colette, Yuki, Ai-li, Cielo Luna, Holly Sloane, Viola Parker, Sabine Venatrice, and Sage.


Following two happy years, I went independent in 2009.


I was thrilled to be welcomed into the modern, spacious dungeon of Lucinda Archer. She offered valuable guidance during this transition. Later, I made my way to Maison, San Francisco’s premier boutique dungeon. There, Morgana Maye became and continues to be a very generous mentor.


During my 10+ years of experience, I have developed a finely tuned intuition and rather strong feelings of entitlement to your submission, obedience, and reverence.


I maintain a small collection of devotees.


They serve me on an ongoing basis. I give the majority of my focus. I like to cultivate long-term D/s relationships through which our dynamic evolves and our connection deepens over time.


I derive tremendous enjoyment from power exchange. I am honored by the trust that is given to me during a session. I bask in the adoration of my devotees. I take great satisfaction in relieving them of the longing that plagues them. At least temporarily…


It always comes back, doesn’t it?


À bientôt.