Updated September 2015




I do not engage in:

-Sex or sexual contact



-Any activity that draws blood

-Any activity that would cause you long-term physical harm

-Scripted sessions





I gravitate strongly toward a sensual tone. I enjoy the contradiction of being totally dominant with effortless grace, of imposing my will on another with softly whispered commands and the disarming power of seduction.

I do not need to shout to make you obey. My quiet articulation of that which I desire is far more compelling than any barked order or shrill command. Though I may be firm and strict in conveying that which I expect of you, I never lose my easy feminine grace.

You will find that I am not afraid to move near to you, to invade your personal space. My gentle caresses, my closeness, and my scent will strip you of all resistance.

Importantly, that I favor a seductive approach does not mean that I won’t give you pain. It only means that I’ll be very sweet to you while I do.



It has a powerful effect on me to see you meticulously bound, rendered helpless and laid out before me. I love to watch you squirm, knowing that you couldn’t escape even if you wanted to. Held in place exactly as I would have you, at my disposal, no matter what I may choose to do with you.

Bondage is not simply a means by which to keep you in place while I move on to the “real” stuff. The act of binding is an eroticism of its own to be relished, and I maintain my sensual, dominant demeanor through the process of tying and untying.

I like to take my time in enjoying your helplessness: examining your exposed form, tracing a fingertip over your skin where it is framed by straps of leather, appreciating the acquisition of a new toy. It is not unusual for a submissive in my keeping to spend the vast majority of their time with me in some form of restraint, whether that is as basic as pair of leather cuffs behind the back or as elaborate as a full-body immobilization.

This is rightly so. When you are in my presence, you belong to me. You give yourself over to me as an offering, and the various forms of restraint which I impose upon you symbolize your absolute surrender to my power over you.

I may choose to give you pain while you are rendered vulnerable. Or, I may find it amusing to give you tasks which I expect you to complete even though it is a predicament of my own doing which hinders you.

I delight in highly restrictive and constrictive forms of bondage. I may mummify the entire body, immobilize you, or tie you into intricate, pleasing shapes with my rope.

Rope, leather, metal, chain, padlock, saran wrap, pantyhose, duct tape, gags, hoods, blindfolds, cages, mummification, immobilization and predicament bondage.




I love to touch in a way that conveys dominance. Holding my hand over your throat, leading you by your hair, slapping your face, pinning you to the wall or pushing you down to the ground, trampling you, making you kneel.

The urge to handle another person stems from a primal desire to control and compel. There is no anger – only a driving need that must be satisfied; an insistence that I will have my way.

Although rough handling may at times be painful, it is less about inflicting pain and more about demonstrating the power differential. When I put my hands on you, physically shifting you from one submissive posture to the next, I wordlessly communicate my claim upon you and my dominion over you.




Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between moans of pleasure and pain. They both sound sweet to me. I relish the rich and varied responses that my many forms of touch may elicit from my playthings. I am particularly fond of giving pain at a slow, luxurious, meditative pace.

It is a gift to suffer for me.



Being a girl is glorious. I will make you see this.

When you are my girl, you will wear pretty, sexy girl things for me. Smooth satin panties, tight stockings, embracing corsets, and darling little frilly things.


Pucker up.



Tease and Denial

Chastity Play

Foot/Leg/Shoe Worship

Fetish Exploration

Scent Worship

Sensory Deprivation

Sensation Play


Nipple Torture


Ball Busting


Impact Play


Golden Showers

Brown Showers

Role Play

Puppy/Pony Play

Diaper Domination/Forced Regression



Verbal Abuse



Electrical Play (Eros Tek)

Double Sessions (with more than one mistress)

Discreet Public Sessions

And others. If your interest is not listed here, you are welcome to bring it up in your introductory email.